Adapter that will join views and other adapters

Quite common situation you have ListView and you need to add something different to it like header or footer layouts – this helps a lot:

Picking contacts from device

First answer:

QR code generator in Javascript

Very good solution in cases where we cannot or don’t want to modify code e.g. compiled servlets, full of spaghetti code PHP etc.
And important this is on MIT licence.

Update: There could be some issues with HTML5:

Some popular Android tools (push notifications, ads, stats)

AdWhirl SDK –
Flurry SDK (also have cloud server offer like etc.) –
TapJoy SDK
Urban Airship SDK –

Simplification of In-App Billing

Must read Android Wiki

Useful tools

Most important to productivity Maven Android plugin:

Generating project from archetype:

RoboGuice and direct link for tutorial:

ActionBarSherlock to unify view of application between Android’s versions:
Update: explained a bug which I also saw

ORMLite for Android:


Android Swipe for older APIs

I could use but I need something much simplier like: For my small static gallery there is only one tag in xml:

and in Java:

SwipeView sv = (SwipeView) findViewById(;
ArrayList imagesList = (ArrayList) Cache.getInstance().readFromCache(GalleryService.IMAGES_CACHE_FORMAT);
if(imagesList != null) {
    for(HashMap imageData : imagesList) {
        Bitmap bitmap = BitmapUtils.fetchCachedImage((String) imageData.get("path"));
        ImageView imageView = new ImageView(this);
        imageView.setPadding(10, 8, 10, 10);
        ViewGroup.LayoutParams params = new ViewGroup.LayoutParams(250, 250);
        LinearLayout layout = new LinearLayout(this);

Blender model to OpenGL

I didn’t test it yet but it seems very interesting – I seek for a free solution Blender is enough for me when testing things, probably some 3D artist can use better tools (3ds max or maya :)

Some useful Links (mostly for GL and live wallpapers)

Example of rating in application:
Sources for example Live Wallpaper:
GL Live Wallpaper:
And another example:

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