Some popular Android tools (push notifications, ads, stats)

AdWhirl SDK –
Flurry SDK (also have cloud server offer like etc.) –
TapJoy SDK
Urban Airship SDK –

Simplification of In-App Billing

Must read Android Wiki

Blender model to OpenGL

I didn’t test it yet but it seems very interesting – I seek for a free solution Blender is enough for me when testing things, probably some 3D artist can use better tools (3ds max or maya :)

Some useful Links (mostly for GL and live wallpapers)

Example of rating in application:
Sources for example Live Wallpaper:
GL Live Wallpaper:
And another example:

Back button how to get rid of Activity stack without finishing

I have problem with back button on phone – I have back button in application which need to go to history, but same thing shouldn’t do phone’s hardware button. This solves my issue:

Slides which are really helpful about backstack:

More links

ArrayAdapter suitable for ImageView:

Links of today

Transparent background of ListView after scroll:

Useful links of today

Push Notifications for Android 2.2+:
Emulator Google Map error when no API is downloaded for VMD:
Sample code to draw route between two POIs:
Example of reading GPS location (with listener):
Smooth polylines from Maps API:

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