QR code generator in Javascript

Very good solution in cases where we cannot or don’t want to modify code e.g. compiled servlets, full of spaghetti code PHP etc.
And important this is on MIT licence.

Update: There could be some issues with HTML5: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4542632/qr-code-generation-library-in-javascript

Some popular Android tools (push notifications, ads, stats)

AdWhirl SDK – https://www.adwhirl.com/home/dev
Flurry SDK (also have cloud server offer like spire.io etc.) – http://www.flurry.com/flurry-analytics.html
TapJoy SDK
Urban Airship SDK – https://docs.urbanairship.com/display/DOCS/Android+Getting+Started

Must read Android Wiki


Useful tools

Most important to productivity Maven Android plugin: http://code.google.com/p/maven-android-plugin/wiki/GettingStarted

Generating project from archetype: http://stand.spree.de/wiki_details_maven_archetypes

RoboGuice and direct link for tutorial: http://code.google.com/p/roboguice/wiki/InjectView.

ActionBarSherlock to unify view of application between Android’s versions: http://actionbarsherlock.com
Update: explained a bug which I also saw http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10427850/refer-to-actionbarsherlock-from-a-library

ORMLite for Android: http://ormlite.com/sqlite_java_android_orm.shtml

Ignition: https://github.com/kaeppler/ignition

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